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May we all see an opportunity to “reGIFTit” today

This morning in our K-5 chapel, Mark DeNooy delivered a wonderful, humorous and engaging message about using the tools we are given by God.  He used the analogy of power tools and how each power tool is invented and designed to serve a purpose, to perform a task.  A hammer hammers nails, a screwdriver drives screws and a hair dryer dries hair.  The key to his message was when power tools are asked to perform a given task, the tool does not respond, “I think I am going to take today off and not perform the task I was designed to perform.”  When called upon, the tool performs the task it was designed to do.  As it is with us, when God calls us each day to use our tools, our gifts and our talents to perform a task, our response cannot be, “I think I am going to take today off and not perform the task I was designed to perform.”  As it says in 2 Corinthians 9:7, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”  My prayer, for each one of us, is when God gives us an opportunity to use our gifts to be gifts to others, we will seize the moment.  May we all see an opportunity to “reGIFTit” today.


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Why this blog exists

Hello DC – Highlands Ranch Pre-K — 8th Grade Community,

Here is a simple description of how this blog will work.  Every day during the school year, one person on our campus (probably me to start out with) will post a small paragraph on something they learned that day.  Students will be invited to create a post.  It may be something the student learned in school that day or something the student learned outside of school.  It may be something they learned that was related to their academics or sports or music or faith, etc.  We will also invite other administrators to post to our blog, for example our Director of Academics or our CEO.  Even parents will be invited to post to our blog.  We want this blog to demonstrate that we as a DC community are learners, lifelong learners.  We hope this blog will spark an interest in others (students, parents, teachers) to start their own blog.  Plus we want this blog to demonstrate the power of writing for a broad audience.  We would also like it to demonstrate the power of receiving authentic feedback.  For example with this Highlands Ranch 6th grader that received feedback on her video post on Mr. Amidon’s blog.  So the idea of this blog is to provide 180+ opportunities for people to write for an audience.

Ideas above were sparked from… http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/5936

“We are part of the #Learn365 hashtag.  According to their site… But why do it?  Here are some ideas:

  • Show your school/district/classroom as a true learning community.
  • Share stories of learning with the world.
  • Promote literacy within your school(s) by not only writing, but creating using different mediums.
  • Model this process as adults not only to kids, but with kids.”
Ideas in blue are quoted directly from http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/5936